"Chatty Caller" Volunteers Needed for Chatty Cafe Australia in Bayside!

The Chatty Cafe Scheme Australia

Hampton, VIC

Posted 5/1/2022

Chatty Cafe Australia, (a registered ACNC Charity) has recently been provided a Community Grant by Bayside City Council to engage 150 social venues across the Bayside area to sign up to Chatty Cafe. Additionally Chatty Cafe will provide "Virtual Chats" and "Chatty Calls" to socially isolated and lonely people across Bayside via Online Media e.g Zoom and Phone Calls depending on the individuals comfort level with those options. We need Volunteers to be signed up and ready to help people re-connect as Bayside "opens up" out of lockdown into 2021 and on-going.

At Chatty Café Australia, we believe that simply having a chat with someone can really brighten their day. As humans, we have a need to be with other people. Research tells us that being connected to others is important for both physical and mental health. Social connectedness has proven links to lowered rates of anxiety and depression. It is also known to increase feelings of belonging, purpose, happiness and wellbeing.

Three Chatty Volunteer Opportunities are available - "Chatty Caller"   (and also Chatty Virtual and Chaty Tables as separately described in addditional baysidevolunteering notices)

This role: "Chatty Caller" Volunteer

We are also working with other organisations to connect with existing networks that offer one to one phone calls. There are all sorts of reasons that someone might prefer to receive a weekly phone call and for many people they become a vital connection with the outside world. People can find themselves isolated by things like distance, illness or disability, or to they may not have the ability to join in online chats.

We will help match Chatty Volunteers with people who would like to receive a one to one call. We would prefer that calls are made at the same time every week and would encourage you to build up rapport with the person that you call. Our experience has shown that having a chat over the phone with the same person at the same time every week can make a huge difference to someone’s life.

NOTE: Please Register  your interest on this Bayside Volunteering site  and the CCA Contact Information will be provided to you - we look forward to chatting with you re this fabulous opportunity to help your Bayside Community connect!

Time Required

1-2 hrs per week minimum

Background Checks Required

Working With Children Check (free in Victoria)

To view and apply for this volunteer opportunity on the web visit: