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Chatty Cafe Australia - Virtual sessions online - ZOOM, Facetime, Skype etc

The Chatty Cafe Scheme Australia - Hampton, VIC



At Chatty Café Australia (CCA) , we believe that simply having a chat with someone can really brighten a person’s day! Research tells us that being connected to others is important for both physical and mental health.

Chatty Cafe Australia, (an ACNC registered Charity) has been provided a Community Grant by Bayside City Council to engage 150 social venues across the Bayside area to sign up to Chatty Café and establish “Have a Chat” tables where customers can sit who choose to chat to other customers for conversation. Everyone has a story to share or just a casual chat about whatever might be of interest at that moment in time!

BUT… Because of COVID we  have set up  Chatty Cafe Australia Virtual ZOOM Chatty Cafe sessions online.   People can join these sessions from all over Australia. You will need to be able to set up online meetings using Zoom, Skype or other video conferencing platforms and we will leave it to you decide when you want to hold the virtual Chatty Café sessions you will host.

Once you have decided when you are going to host your virtual Chatty Café session, we will advertise the details on our website and social media pages. We would prefer it if these chats could be held at regular times and on regular days weekly. Our Chatty Café Australia Volunteer Manager, Helen,  will work closely with you to help make your virtual sessions a success and you will be required to attend a Chatty Café Volunteer Induction session to understand our approach and expectations when engaging with Chatty Café participants online.

NOTE: Please Register  your interest on this Bayside Volunteering site  and the CCA Contact Information will be provided to you - we look forward to chatting with you re this fabulous opportunity to help your Bayside Community connect as well as people across Australia keen to connect virtually- connecting community one chat at at time!

Time Required

1-2 hrs per week

Background Checks Required

Working With Children Check (free in Victoria)

Time Required

1-2 hrs per week minimum

Background Checks Required

Working With Children Check (free in Victoria)

Hampton, VIC



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