National Standards for Volunteering

29th Feb

BE READY as a community organisation to MEET the National standards for Volunteering.  An organisation that is able to demonstrate compliance with the standards for volunteering as set out in the National Standards of Volunteering Involvement, is well positioned strategically to attract and reward more volunteers, as well as attract much sort after funding and sponsorships for new initiatives.

How can you use the National Standards?

  • As a general guide to good practice
  • As an audit tool that provides a picture of how well the organisation is performing against best practice for volunteer involvement
  • As a guide or checklist to help identify opportunities for making improvements
  • As a framework of reference to assist in planning and establishing a new volunteer service
  • As a baseline from which progress in making improvements can be monitored and measured
  • As a way of gaining formal recognition for good practice from Volunteering Australia by meeting the National Standards

Download the National Standards here.

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