International Women’s Day 2019 - Free Event Bayside Communtiy

8th Feb

Dear Community Members and Volunteers,  Join us at this fantastic free event to hear from busi...

Taking That Extra Step manual - For Inclusive Volunteer Programs

10th Jan

‘Taking That Extra Step’ manual produced by BGKLLEN and Inclusion Melbourne. Taking Tha...

Writing a Volunteer Position Description-Best Practice

21st Jul

Writing Position descriptions is an important part of managing your volunteer workforce. Clear, conc...

National Standards for Volunteering

29th Feb

BE READY as a community organisation to MEET the National standards for Volunteering.  An ...

International Volunteers Day

30th Nov

It's International Volunteers Day Wednesday 5th December! International Volunteers Day is the time ...

Volunteers: Protecting seniors rights

26th Nov

Does your volunteer work bring you into contact with older people living in the community? Would you...

Free Festive Events at Bayside Libraries

12th Dec

Free Festive Events at Bayside Libraries. Come down during December and join in free activities hap...

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